What am I doing Here. 我在這裡幹嘛

What am I doing here by Hsuan Lin

This is a book editing and design project for a good friend of FMS, Husan Lin, a Taiwanese artist based in Brazil. FMS edited and compiled a book based on the artist’s notes, sketches and photographs.

The book recorded 3 years of the artist's life and struggles among various identities in different countries in South America. FMS tried to stay true to the artist’s story when editing and designing the book. Besides the book, we also designed a 'Zine' with Husan’s thoughts/plans towards future, a poster recording his footprints as an illegal immigrant worker and as an artist and a flag describing Husan’s idea of Utopia.

what am i doing here / 文件書


是FMS的好朋友林亦軒花了三年在南美洲不同的國家,轉換不同的身份,透過小小的訊息慢慢的累積而來:宏都拉斯 (國際志工) - 阿根廷 (黑工)- 巴西 (藝術家)。



What am I doing Here. 我在這裡幹嘛

‘I faced different challenges because of my various identities at the three countries. The messages accumulated overtime have empowered my creations. Messages are the result from the interaction between our internal world and external environment. ‘ by Husan Lin.


What am I doing Here. 我在這裡幹嘛

Client:Husan Lin
Book Editing and Design: Five Metal Shop